Having a Ball. Literally!

One of the most fantastic aspects of my job is word-of-mouth recommendations from remote clients to other remote farming families who’ve previously had to pay a fortune for photographers, from far-reaching bigger towns, to travel to their homes and get a good album together.

And so, when I am able to pop in my little car (which is seriously in need of an upgrade if this bush-whacking is to continue) and do a job that doesn’t cost them the equivalent of a the aforementioned small car - it’s an honour to be able to do that.

Even better is this bit: the sharing of the blog!

Thanks to Duncan and Sarah Ball for inviting me out to their stunning home at “Gorian” near Burren Junction, for this family shoot we did a week ago. 

While Duncan and my husband go way back (glory days of Narrabri Blue Boars) I hadn’t previously been to the family home, and it was a beautiful afternoon with four beautiful bush babies and their equally beautiful parentals :-)

From eldest to youngest we had Sam, Lucy, Tom, and Max. 

To me, there is absolutely nothing in this world to compare to a bush kid. They are always down-to-earth and well mannered, and the Ball kids were no exception. 

I MUST dedicate the first shot to the funniest little man ever: Max. What an absolute dude… I had a saw jaw from laughing at his antics. (Is it universally true that the further down the line the child is that the wilder and funnier they are?) It would seem so. Max will stick in my memory for a long time to come. Fun, fun kid! 

Even here we see the little man being terribly cute and fun. Admittedly as the day wore on, so did his exhaustion, but he put in a valiant effort at keeping up with this three big siblings! The kids all did super well. It’s no easy task for little people to run around in the hot sun to different locations - and they were champions.

 Duncan’s firs shot. Max attempting to escape the capture!

 Dunc with Lucy and Tom.

 The whole gang here …

This time with the river behind.

It is VERY tricky to get four little people all looking the one way at one time - but we nailed it!

 Dunc and Sar’s place backs on to the lagoon / river …. seriously pretty spot.  

 A close up profile of little Tom. A very photogenic and beautiful child also!

 Super Mom Sarah with the little ones on the grass … 

 Oh, Max …. !!!!!

 Close up of Lucy. LOVE those pigtails and ribbons!!!

Dad, and Max again.

(Max stops featuring regularly soon - - he melted down soon after this — so he’s getting his run in early.)

 What little girl doesn’t remember the simple joy of being pushed in a swing by her Dad? Love it.


 Sam - a lovely profile shot.

 Lucy finds Dad’s Akubra. Tee hee. Cute.

 And Dad finds Mum’s bike! Even cuter! Ha ha - sorry Dunc, but you look adorable.

 Here the kids are coming flat-knacker down the levee on their bikes for an action shot.

 Kickin’ up a little dust !

 Love this shot of Lucy.

 Sar and her handsome man - what a couple.

The ‘walk away’ shot into the tree-lined road. Such a pretty spot…

 Mum, with Lucy.

 Nearing the end of our energy levels here but we managed to get almost-all smiles again. Well done kids!!!

 Sam hides behind the verandah post.

 And now it’s knock off time - just as the light is perfecto.

 Dunc - have you done some modelling before? Eh?

 Love the light catching in Lucy’s hair here. Such a loving family :-)

Anyhow - that’s the sneaky peek!!

Tis always hard for me to select a few …. and Sar there are about 160 more where these came from…

Thanks again to this great family. It was a blessing to spend an afternoon capturing such lovely moments,

Much love -

Shanna XXXX


''Shanna K Whan is a Narrabri-based photographer, and the pioneer behind documentary-styled imagery who's been telling stories through her lens and her heart for a decade. Her passion is for rural people, their children, and their pets. Her work has been published internationally and nationally. Long ago she established herself as the industry leader and marker for this natural style, and her business thrives on word-of-mouth and reputation alone for her ability to immerse herself into the lives of those she photographs and falls in love with along the way.'' - for more about Shan, visit www.shannakwhan.com