The Western Australia Tour ... Blogged !

So, a few months ago, Timmy and I decided we would visit the one place in Australia we had never seen … WA !!

As Jonny Williamson says: ”there’s nearly half Australia over there in WA..”

Thus, at the last minute we said ”bugger it! let’s go”

This shot, taken near the Castlereigh river, indicated my nervousness to fly on a windy day.

And let me tell you - it was hell.

 But I overcame my terror, and we flew into Sydney !

 And spent the night with Emma Farley - my exceptionally amazing mate who has transformed herself, and her life.

 All too soon we were in Perth - a delight ! I was astounded at the amazing architechture and buildings.

 And chilling out being like proper flash folk.

 We even caught the train to ”Freo” and enjoyed some time there.

 Looking terribly poignant at sunset !

 Oh my. … the Western Australian Sunsets … what more can be said?

 I never knew that Freo was home to the Norfolk Pines … did you?

 Here we are landing at Broome airport. Freakin’ HOT !!!

 Captured this scene straight up. Apparently an artist some friend of mine knows is now going to paint this . Cool …

 Moi, in our new  ”home” for the next two weeks … 

 Timbo does the rubbish run !

 And so it is that we hit the Gibb River Road track … Just awesome.

 And Timbo gets local and cracks an Emu Lager.

 Then he deflates our tyres for ”sandy conditions”…

 Oh hello !! Our first Freshwater croc …

 And myself strolling through ”croc territory” …

 The aforementioned handsome fella - he takes a dip.

Freshwater crocs are not adverse to company.

 Campsite number one. Cosy as !

 And the lookouts? Amazing.

 Flora and Fauna - - just exceptional.

 Getting my hike on !

 And again.

 Setting up camp…

 Having a quiet beer.

 Maybe a smoke …

 Shan, communing with nature ~!

 And again !

 Tim enjoys a dip after 40 degree days…

 More heat …

 The aftermath of burned out country …

 Let nothing interfere with a break ! 

 Or the washing !

 Or the serenity …. 

 Bush bashing nice and proper !

 Sunsets - even better !!

 Shan has a bath.

 Looks a litte guilty! 

 Approaching the Cockburn Ranges, just amaaaazing …

 And Zebedee Springs - ? Even moreso ..

 Love my husband.

 Scenic view of a bunch of total dicks!!

 Shan at Chamberlain Gorge.

 Tim at Chamberlain Gorge.

 Both of us at Chamberlain Grorge … 

 Arrived at Kununurra. With Sal and Mick !

 Toes no longer pretty.

 Standing around talking ”fishing”’…………..

 Ready to go !!

 Walking across mud flats and croc infested country … 

 Casting for mullet …

 Muddy toes ~!

 Ladies in waiting ~…

 Shan catches her first Barra .

 Wading home. In Croc Infested Waters. What the F ???

 Survivors, chillin’ …

 Master Timbo - chillin.

 Dawn. Breakfast.

 All iin all .. I can not recommend WA highly enough ..

There are a thousand more photos I could share !

Hope you enjoyed these ! xx


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