2012 in review - SKW

Hello beautiful people.

It’s nearly Christmas ! Holy snapping duckpoo - how did that happen?!

Have you guys done your Christmas shopping? I most certainly have not. Oopsy daisies. 

So, anyhow, I thought it would be an idea to put up a blog and to reflect upon the year that’s (nearly) been ..

What a wild ride. I can say with all my heart that it has surpassed every single expectation I could ever have imagined.

For an old gal who decided she definitely sucked at the corporate game (which I pursued for most of my career) and who went from abject misery to inhaling deeply — and then going madly after what she loved with all her heart — it’s been worth it.

It’s been worth every penniless and sleepless night that I had for those first few months.

My work has taken me all over the north west this year, and has encompassed families, newborns, debutantes, corporate stuff, advertising stuff, magazine stuff, models (hot stuff), gym junkies (more hot stuff), bands, animals, landscapes, and my favourite subject (my husband). From a trip to Africa last summer to a tour of WA this summer - it’s been ”amazeballs”.

Somehow little ol’ SKW (Shanna Kim Whan, the non Asian) has now nearly 800 ”likers”, and is from the bottom of her humble heart thankful for every single one of you who’ve stopped by and made time to post and comment.

Probably the most outstanding thing I am grateful for is the incredible, incredible people I have met. I wish I could be like other trendy photographers and name every one of you but I am too scared I would forget somebody - and I would hate that. But please know that if you have been one of the people at the recieving end of being ”shot” by me, I have enjoyed every single session. Wholeheartedly.

I think the best thing of all, by far, has been the kids I have met ! I reckon God has given me the gift of being around many children, given the fact I don’t have my own yet. (Cross your fingers.)

And for that, I am ever thankful. I have met some crackerjacks. From little Alex Harris who dubbed me ”Shaz” half way through a shoot (at which point I nearly wet my pants), to his adorable baby brother yelling at me ”Lady ! hey Lady !!” - the cuteness is unexplainable. And very typical of a day I spend with little ones. Amanda and Brad Nott have two little boys who will also remain in my heart forever and a day. There are the Worboys / Barto kids, Jen and Dave Partridge’s littel boy … and countless others including the Greentree’s … gosh the list goes on and on !! I wish I could thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

I’ve been invited to stay for dinner from little people, and I now have a small legion of kidlets who yell various forms of Shanna Bananna when they see me. Sometimes it’s Shanny-my-nanny, or Nana-Bananna. All of the above work for me. I am overwhelmed with love for all you little people. I hope that when I am old and decrepit that you guys will see this blog and come visit me and remind me that I was once living life to the fullest. You can bring me gummy bears if you like when I am in an old aged home. Seriously. I would love that.

One thing I would like to do is acknowledge some very special people (other than my amazing clients/friends) who encouraged me along the way. Georgie Carrigan - you were so enthusiastic about what I could achieve. And I have never forgotten that. My wedding photography really took off after I photographed the amazing, beautiful, Kate and Nat. Thank you so much for your bright spark and enthusiasm.

Margot Palmer, bless her, helped me to try wrap my very blonde brain around some tricky technical stuff. I am quite confident I was the worst student of all time. But I am immensely thankful to you Margot for her beautiful, generous spirit. And she is an amazing photographer. I hopes she gets some time to do some more of her work now that she has ditched life guard duties!

I would like to thank my husband, who bankrolled the early days. Let me tell you that working for Rural Press didn’t help the bank balance a great deal. So I was a seriously broke ”artist” (how predictable) for a long time.

Having said that - I am broke all over again after having to upgrade to a 4WD for work purposes. Argh ! Hopefully 2013 will see me start to get ahead!

There are also many people who have recommended my work to others - which has generated job after job. I can not thank you enough for that … you guys know who you are. MANY hugs to you for being so thoughtful.

I have to shout out to Tash Elder - my most loyal fan and encourager of note! Followed closely by Helen Dickson. You two are too sweet for words. Thank you.

Some highlights from the year gone also include two exhibitions, which were at the Gold Coast Cotton Conference and here in Wee Waa respectively. Expensive as - but a worthwhile venture. Thanks to Joe Robinson, Kevin Schwager, Drew Hawkins, Beck Ashby, Robyn and Phoebe Knight, Tash Elder and Gen Sendall (have I missed anybody??) who kindly allowed me to exhibit photos, or purchased them. Cheers to Jenny Parish to invited me to exhibit locally. 

In closing, I hope and wish that you all have a very blessed, safe, and wonderful Christmas. ‘Tis the season to be jolly. The Shanta-Claus in me feels the need to say: If you have had a falling out with a friend - go kiss them and make up. If you are feeling sad and lonely, reach out and let people know you need a hug. If you have anger in your heart - let it go.

May God bless and enrich all your hearts. And thank you, again.

With so much love -

Shanna Bananna / Shanna-me-Nanny / SKW

Love you all XXX

Ps - here is a roll out of some moments I have treasured.

Another amazing bride ….  love you too lady ~! 


''Shanna K Whan is a Narrabri-based photographer, and the pioneer behind documentary-styled imagery who's been telling stories through her lens and her heart for a decade. Her passion is for rural people, their children, and their pets. Her work has been published internationally and nationally. Long ago she established herself as the industry leader and marker for this natural style, and her business thrives on word-of-mouth and reputation alone for her ability to immerse herself into the lives of those she photographs and falls in love with along the way.'' - for more about Shan, visit www.shannakwhan.com