the wedding of Matt and Sarah Keeley

Well, ola people.

It has been FAR too long between photography blogs. Sorry about that. Time is an issue lately !

But there was no way I could miss blogging this one.

On January 9th, 2013, two very very special people made the commitment of their lives.

Matthew Keeley and Sarah Farley tied the knot at Bangalow - in a picture perfect place to match their own magic.

The reason these two are particularly special to me is that I have known them both since they were cute, fat, kidlets.

The connection is our shared childhood home - Colly Farms. (Ah, don’t get me started! haha.)

So, Matty’s Godparents are in fact my folks (Robbie and Bucky Rowlands), and I used to babysit Matt. Seriously! 

Meanwhile, back in Farleyville, a beautiful little girl, Deb and Dave’s third, was born. Enter Sarah.

Now fast foward a few years (okay a lot of years) and voila, the two reunite as adults, and now they are married - with one of the most precious babies I’ve ever laid eyes on. Mini-Matt, or Arch. It is just too perfect!

I can’t even say how fantastic it was to see, and be part of, what was essentially a reunion of my childhood. It was an absolutely huge honour to be given the nod as the official photographer. And just quietly, I’ve never been so bloody nervous!

Sar and Matty have both grown into extraordinary adults. Matty is handsome, terrific fun, dry as a chip, and straight down the line, and quite the task-master!! He’s a beautiful Dad and a clearly besotted husband.

Sar Bear - she’s a natural beauty, inside and out. I am just amazed at her cheeky delightful nature, her grace and poise, and warmth. To see her as such an organic, grounded Mama Bear now is priceless.

The extended families of these two are clearly testimony to the pair who now call themselves Mr and Mrs Keeley.

I could rave on for hours about how mental and amazing it was to catch up with Margot, Deb, Dave, Rossco and company - but you might fall asleep!

Suffice to say I had the time of my life and was blessed to be so involved.

So let’s get rolling with some storyboards, to showcase the day if you didn’t happen to make it - or just love photos!

The boys: So first job for the day was snapping the lads getting ready. Matty had a funky barber dude do a proper shave, and meanwhile, the lads looked on, reading National Geographics and generally being attractive. 

And, to balance the equation - of course I spent loads more time with the ladies.

We all know girls take a zillion times longer to get ready. But corr blimey, look at the results !!! 

I have to plug the Bangalow Guest House here. Beautiful amazing spot. Photographers dream.

Sar, I now have that music playlist permanently stuck in my brain. Great times, great tunes, great girls!

Oddly enough, the detail photos are always a favourite for me. I don’t know why! Artistic license perhaps?

Anyhow, everything was impeccable. Beautifully chosen and selected from shoes to THAT dress - and everything in between.

Then comes the fun bit where people start arriving, and we know it’s nearly go-time!

Dave and Deb, Em and Kate, and Sar’s Nan were all there to cheer their beautifiul girl on. Plus the beautiful bridesmaids!

And before we knew it - it was Time. The Church service was lovely - and I nearly cried!

Only hard core professionalism blocked me from having a sook.

Then came my least favourite part of photographing a wedding … gathering the mob for a group photo! It is always a tricky one and I always feel like a FishWife hollering and screaming at poor guests to please move this way, that way, etc!  So thank you to all for helping me out !

A couple of group shots in here of family, and bridal party also + miss Eliza, because she’s beautiful and somehow we missed her in the family shot !! EEK !

The reception was held up the road at an absolutely beautiful restaurant called Harvest. Again, impeccable choice from Sar and Matty ! Beautiful service, food, atmosphere.

Speeches were made, drinks were enjoyed. It was all beautifully done. Especially from the bride and groom! Awesome jobs.


I think they kicked us out at around midnight - so here are some more party snaps from the dance floor, the Magic Bus, etc!

the party.jpg

And if you missed these shots on Facebook - here they are again. A free session of individual shots I love.


Matty and Sar … congratulations times a thousand to the pair of you.

You’re a wonderful example of young love, and parenting, and friendship.

I wish you a life of sublime joy, more fat bubbas, and health and happiness.

With all my love,

Shanna Bananna / aka SKW XXX


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