The greatest privilege of my wedding photography career.

I know.

It’s a big call, right?

To say that this wedding was the biggest ‘moment’ in my career as a photographer?

But it was. And it probably always will be.

For so many reasons.

A couple of years ago I photographed a spectacular gal, Tia (then Breaden) marry her Moree lad Alex Carrigan. Incredible day - and another I shall never forget. And it was at this event I met two outrageously attractive men; Joel and Tal. (Joel was Tia’s brother. The boys were both involved on that particular day.)

I hit it off with these lads, who turned out to be ridiculously fun, and fabulous as well.

We bantered and bounced off each other through the day. Weeks later, when they had seen Tia and Alex’s photos, they commented that I was ”totally going to photograph their wedding one day” … wherever it was.

Well, that day finally came, on a stormy spring Thursday afternoon in Canberra last month.

When the boys rang and asked if I would fly to Canberra to be their main girl, I burst out laughing and instantly said (true to my daggy personality) - ”well sure, but you know Canberra has about eleventeen-million photographers?” - And they swiftly replied with a ”nope - we only want you.”

HOW could a girl say no?

And so great is my love for these men and their families that I risked my life TWICE to get there. Seriously, when I fly, I am convinced I will die at any given moment…. **insert horrified face** … it is literally my greatest fear. HAHA. Just ask Tia. She collected me from the airport and witnessed my pale face and wobbly legs and queasy stomach.

But arrive alive I did. And thus ensued two nights and one day of glorious Breaden and Chester family joy.

Who would’ve thought these country boys would be together in such a setting, at such a time, in such a place, for such an event?

Where to begin, I do not know. But you will notice a British theme, British flags, and British paraphernalia in the blog. This is because the boys were legally wed at the British High Commissioner’s home, by the British High Commissioner herself. Because Talan is a British citizen.

So from a photographer point-of-view, it was lovely to have antiques and an interesting heritage building to work with for sure.

But the day wasn’t magnificent because of things. It was magnificent because of people.

So many special people. And, so many reasons behind why this was such a significant day.

I know of an Aunty who drove nearly 3,000km to be part of the festivities. There were bush families galore, including Tal’s best man – Fred, from a station in the north of Queensland.

And all of us in this decadent setting, buzzing in the lead-up to when these two people in love were about to walk down their aisle.

I can say without any doubt that when Tal and Joel exchanged their vows and their rings, I have never in my professional life been so close to not being able to do my job at the critical moment. Because I wanted to howl and cry and clap and cheer and howl and cry some more. I was so emotionally invested in these boys. 

Therefore you can imagine how their families and friends were coping. Or not coping. Everyone joked after the exchange that therapy was needed to recover. It was intense, and beautiful, and something I will never forget as long as I live.

The countless precious things that happened throughout this day just kept on rolling.

As usual, I have just done by best to keep things natural and documentary-style in nature with my capturing of this incredible day.

I would love to thank the family and friends who brought me chocolate and sugar almonds and water and checked on me when I came close to fainting in the afternoon . I still have zero clue what that was about – so I am just going to claim that the British vibes of love and grandeur made me faint and ”wilty” like a British lady ought to be at such great moments… aka, Downton Abbey style diva.

But sugar saved the day and with my stiff upper-lip firmly in place I forged ahead into the wee hours.

Thanks, also, to the boys in the ‘’Groomal Party’’ for being TOTAL legends to me, all day long.

Ah, seriously, there are so many highlights about this event from a photographer’s point-of-view. So, I will let the images tell that story.

But to Tal and Joel, and to their families – all of whom I love – I want to congratulate you both, again.

I couldn’t be more filled with joy or happiness for you both.

Thanks for making me The Girl who got to be The One. It meant so much.

I love you squillions.

Shan xxx

Images are in the order stuff happened. From breakfast on day one to breakfast on day two.

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