Logan & Charlie.

Once upon a time, I met a gorgeous lady called Emma. And then I met her man, Alex.

And then I photographed their wedding…

…..and THEN, they made not one, but two exceptionally cute humans ! EEP.

And I am the lucky lady who got to be first-hand witness to all these amazing adventures and milestones.

Today, Charlie is a ‘big girl’ - and she’s currently getting her head around the competition in the form of baby brother Logan, the new Gouldy on the block.

Here is a teeny-tiny snippet of a typical morning in the life of the Goulds, Shanna-style. Just life, as it happens. No fancy baby-wraps or baby-baskets or superimposed fairy-tale creatures or fancy edits. Just glorious, natural, ‘real’ life, as it is. Including Charlie flippin’ me the bird, by accident, which totally cracked me up and is my favourite photo.

This is from one of my mini visits. In and out. Short and sweet. I am liking these more and more. It always helps when you know a family well, and can be your dorky self, too. Heh heh. 

Enjoy, Em and Alex :) xx

Thanks for once again allowing me into your lives for these amazing bits. Love you all.






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