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How marvelous is the new Marval Designs store in Narrabri? Pretty darn gorgeous. See for yourself!

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Cady and Tom's DIVINE ''destination'' wedding, near Moree.

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meet our local lovebirds, Bec and Jace!

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Katie & BJ: unique, amazing, and married!

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''Shanna K Whan is a Narrabri-based photographer, and the pioneer behind documentary-styled imagery who's been telling stories through her lens and her heart for a decade. Her passion is for rural people, their children, and their pets. Her work has been published internationally and nationally. Long ago she established herself as the industry leader and marker for this natural style, and her business thrives on word-of-mouth and reputation alone for her ability to immerse herself into the lives of those she photographs and falls in love with along the way.'' - for more about Shan, visit